A Wish…

As I stare at lines of my hand

Those few lines I try to find

the lines that bridges all the gaps

the lines that bring us together perhaps

I wish for you when I see that shooting star

Although you are near you seem so far

In the darkness I search for a road new

A road that possibly takes me to you

I wished for you on every turkey bone

With a hope to melt your heart of stone

To have a place in yours that you have in mine

To smile with you and always shine

Around you as my thoughts hover

I hold on to this four-leaved clover

If wishes were fishes, I’d cast the net

To make them all true, I would never fret

I wish for you just before I sleep

A thought of you begins to creep

As I say a silent prayer

Just that one wish that I really desire

Although I wish for you all the time

Am being so selfish it feels like a crime

What I want from times old and new

All I truly wish is all your wishes come true

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