Some more poetry…

I realised I have not written one in years! It has been over 5 years since. Time to get the head and heart together to penning down some words.. but for now.. some blasts from the past

Sounds of silence 

The evening falls and the night queen adorns her grace,I sit here and staring into empty space

Even as the darkness grows intense, I listen keenly to the sounds of silence

Listen carefully and a story you will hear, Stories of someone far yet near

Of someone who still speaks to heart, Of someone even though you are miles apart

They send me to a land far far away, Where it’s just me and my thoughts to stay

In my mind I keep going to and fro, Whether I should hold on, or I should let go

A familiar thought then crosses my mind, All the old memories I begin to rewind

Some of them old and some of them new, Some of those precious moments so few

I pen down these musings of that serene evening, Some of them which leave me smiling

Of memories that make me quiver, Will I relive them again I wonder

Unclear answers I continue to seek, Of questions that make me feel meek

I seem to find no answers, Back and forth my mind wanders

Just as my eyes skip a tear, The sounds of silence ask me to face my fear

As much as I go round in circles, They tell me to believe in miracles

If the path ahead seems unclear and wry, Intently listen to sounds of silence for they will never lie

Listen to your heart they said to me, And soon you will know to be or not to be

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