Why did I get myself a planner .. in the age of smartphones

‘Why do you need a planner, you already have a smartphone’ is what anyone and everyone will say to you when you tell them you are getting yourself a planner! I was sceptical about it myself.So far I have been a to-do list person. The usual day begins with a to-do list, which of course was tossed outside the window eventually. However, making that list did give me a sense of knowing how much had to accomplished during the day. I started dabbling with a few apps from the app store. And they did work for a bit. But time and again, I ended up with a pen & paper and a list to tackle. There was something extremely fulfilling about striking out items from a to-do list.

As I struggled with a never-ending to-do list at work, and all the responsibilities of a newly-wed, I found myself constantly struggling with all the little things I had to remember.One of those google hunts reminded me of the good ol’ fashioned planning methods. I used to pride myself on remembering birthdays and payment reminders. With a few near misses for credit card payment deadlines and missing a close friend’s birthday, I had to concede. I was adding too much pressure on myself to remember all these deadlines! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop place to jot in and keep track of all things that I need to get done.

After much deliberation I decided to give in and pick up a paper planner!  I read through a million articles on planners and planning. And I must say that it was overwhelming. The planning world is filled with a bunch of super creative people. Every picture of a perfectly placed planner made it seem like a more scary task than planning in itself! But the important point to remember here is the objective of the exercise! The core objective is to bring method and order to the madness! And of course develop a hobby along with it.

For those starting afresh I would surely recommend starting with a simple diary for the year. Or do what I did, actually invest in one so that it keeps you motivated to continue to use it effectively. I ready many articles and reviews and eventually ordered in the Erin Condren Life Planner 2017. I am waiting for it not so patiently, I must say! Looking forward to take the plunge into the world of planning !


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