Thats what my name should be! MIA!! Lately that is all that I have been capable of! one fine day I woke up and decided to start a blog! And much like other projects that I started, this one lost steam too after only 2 articles! Did life suddenly get that busy ? looking back , I feel not really. I could have squeezed in these few minutes to publish an article or two. But that perfect time never really arrives when everything will be just right and all thoughts will perhaps flow through with utmost ease. I was once told that new year resolutions don’t last beyond the month of January! looks like mine just about got through Feb! Or in the banking parlance, I am already in the non-performing-asset stage!

Did they not say that the toughest thing to be is to begin?! I beg to differ! The toughest thing to do for me has been to continue than to begin. As I write this, all those half done projects flash in front of my eyes. An acoustic guitar that looks at me accusingly – remember the day you brought me home and promised to churn out some amazing tunes? or that workout cycle that says- oh well, just staring at me isn’t going to help you get any fitter you know! or even this iPad which hums back. oh yes wasn’t I an investment for you to blog whenever and wherever you can! ok now I just look down and start pounding the keys of this laptop!

New found respect for each and everyone who tenaciously think , plan and actually do activities that truly make them happy! I always believed writing makes me very happy. And it still does. wonder why i don’t give myself a chance to be happy more often.. or perhaps, like the wandering sole, the wandering heart found its happiness some place else!

Here’s to more joys ahead.. hoping to find them in these written words..

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