Travelling alone

Even today, when I tell any one that I enjoy travelling alone, i am looked at as though I have just landed from another planet. No No do not get me wrong, I love people and company (well, most of the time) but I strongly believe some journeys have to be ventured on to, alone.

Here are my top reasons to why someone should at least give it a try :

Alone time

you truly get your alone time. Day in and day out we are living and playing these roles both at office at home. During a journey alone, you are just you. And you are the centre of your universe, albeit for those few days.

Thoughts gathering 

It might sound mundane but it is one of the most quiet time without the mindless clutter and chatter around you and you will be surprised with the revelations that happen because for once you are actually listening to yourself.

PS: I should add, i did realise after the first 2 trips, i don’t have as many thoughts!

Safer than you think 

Yes as women it is only natural that it is the one thing on our minds all the time. But if you take basic precautions and trust your instincts you will always be safe. Needless to say, you are away from home there will be things that you will have to avoid.

Seeing a place

Again this is just me but I feel that i actually focus on a place and what i am seeing when i am alone. may be it is just me that i get distracted very easily when I have people around.

The only pitfall I have found so far about travelling alone is that there is no one to take those awesome pictures of you! ah well, I could do without those 🙂 Have any of you have ever been this focused on getting the right picture at a particular place than actually being present in the moment?

Tips during travelling alone:

An important thing to do is  check around with hotel / hostel staff on places to avoid or specific pitfalls. There are many travel websites that also provide tips on specific little things that you could avoid. For instance, I was told that a particular area near a train terminus is best avoided in the evenings, I ensured that I reached on time. It is always best to arrive at a destination during day time.

Phone – preferably have a phone handy in case you need to call for help and also have the local emergency numbers are handy,I must say I never had to use my list (touchwood) but at any point in time, I always knew what number to call if I needed help.

Documents – keep one copy of your passport and tickets in your check-in baggage. And carry one change of clothes in your carry-on bag just in case the airline decides to play spoil sport and not get your baggage on time. Shockingly enough the only times my baggage has been delayed has been on direct flights (weird!)

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