Here we go!!!!

So after weeks and months of deliberation and analysis, I decided to take this plunge into the world of ‘writing’ or ‘travel-blogging’. Perhaps the side-effects of the day job that until detailed analysis is done and every hair has not been split into billion threads, no venture seems good enough. If only I had a nickel for all the planning that has been done. There were so many questions what will I write? will I be any good? Will any one even bother reading what I have written? Will it be interesting enough ? etc etc etc. And then as it so happened, I decided to just begin. And it is when you decide to take that first step, the road truly seems to unravel itself. I happened to read this poem I had penned down a few years ago, after a heart I think. I never even realised these words, that were a figment of my crazy imagination one day will actually end up with being the push I truly needed today.

 – Prisoner of my thoughts –

Watching the horizon as I sit here, Watch the waves run ashore,

Scared to swim beyond I am so distraught, I am a prisoner of my own thought.

A new world beckons me, And I wish to set free

a new beginning I am too scared to soughtI am after all, a prisoner of my own thought.

A path less trodden lays ahead, But here I am sitting afraid

Thinking of all the battles I fought, I am after all a prisoner of my own thought.

And then I see a ray of light, Smiling at me comes an angel so bright,

free yourself, she says, you have to walk on the new ways.

You are stronger than you think you can be, You have to venture out in the sea,

Gain you will nothing sitting here on the shore, Life is beyond this pain, there is much more

Let go of this agony and pain, All your tears will go in vain

Precious little angel that you are my dear, Hold my hand and you will have no fear

Believe in the strength that lies within, Fear nothing and don’t give in,

Learn all the lessons that life has taught, Don’t ever be a prisoner of your own thought

As the angel wiped my eyes And then she changed her disguise

It was me talking to me I saw, The truth then dawned me as I stared in awe

I will leave the past behind on the dingy shelf, I will overcome, I tell myself

Dream every new dream the waves brought, I will no longer be a prisoner of my own thought

I chose to free myself from these self-created shackles and start the journey! I will be pasting these two quotes in bold at my cubicle and perhaps every place that I can see.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. – Lao Tzu
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. – Lao Tzu

Here’s to a long journey ahead!!!

PS: I just had an epic fail while writing this very first article! Lots to learn from wordpress. ok ok there is more to life than MS Excel ..

2 thoughts on “Here we go!!!!

  1. Thoughts are truly magnificent. They can impair you and they can enhance. We have to learn to not let them impede our actions. Great poem! Just go for it whatever you desire, you will achieve it. Also love the quotes by Lao Tzu!


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